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Disability and Skills Unit Events

The Disability and Skills Unit organises a range of activities including seminars, webinars, outreach and other events to provide opportunities for sharing experiences of good practice and providing resources



Transitioning from school to college /university

Entering and working in TV and film post production with an invisible disability- my journey

Hearing Loss & Assistive Technology: What are the options?

Supporting Disabled Apprentices


DR UK 2021 Confrerence Agenda: Improving post -16 outcomes for disabled young people in education, training and employment

DR UK 2021 Conference Speaker Biographies

Conference Presentations

Thursday 25 February 2021

  1. Inclusive Apprenticeships: The hidden secret.  Jonathan Smith and Emma Wyatt, Essex County Council

  2. My Apprenticeship Journey. Scott Noon

  3. Doing things differently - how the pandemic has changed our delivery and focus. Julie Benton, Ansbury Guidance

  4. The magic of a strength-based approach- empowering young people to recognise their own brilliance. Katherine Jennick, What's Your Strenght?

  5. Practical Tips and Strategies for Employing Disabled Talent. Michael Vermeersch, Microsoft

  6. Neurodiversity Awareness: supporting neurominority young people into employment. Fiona Barrett, Genius Within

  7. Accessible Careers Support for Disabled Candidates. Jane Hatton, Evenbreak 

  8. The Why. Louise Worts, Daventry Hill School

  9. Specialist Employment Service: A Journey to Employment. Fay Stoodley & Sarah Benn, The Education People

  10. Why Understanding Motivation and Improving Engagement is Crucial. Sarah Stones, Plain Sailing Motivation

  11. Disabled Students Helpline: Supporting disabled students to achieve their maximum potential through information and advice. Rundip Thind, DR UK

  12. Providing an inclusive engagement platform for the New Century of Work. Nikki Mears, Naturally Talented Me

  13. Supporting vision impaired students into and throughout Further Education. Tara Chattaway, The Pocklington Trust

Friday 26 February 2021

  1. Widening access to apprenticeships. Anna Morrison, Amazing Apprenticeships

  2. Autism in the Workplace - How employers can support individuals. Thomas Cliffe, Track

  3. Empowering through Vocational Profiles: Starting aged 12 and beyond. Henrietta Still, East Sussex County Council

  4. Deaf young people and equal access to communication. Martin McLean, The National Deaf Children's Society

  5. What’s positive and possible during the pandemic. Elaine Dale, City College of Norwich

  6. Three Lockdowns - a one-year journey. Lara Scott, City College of Norwich

  7. Online Work Experience at the Financial Times. Jacqui Dobson, Financial Times 



Into Apprenticeships and Training: Why Employing Disabled People Benefits Employers                  


Into post-16 learning and work conference and workshop - Information and workshop about options, strategies and initiatives for disabled young people. This event will be of interest to parents and those supporting disabled young people into education, training and employment. 27 February 2019

Inclusive Practice: Disability and School Careers Advice, Information and Guidance training - The training is for those who wish to develop their understanding of disability equality and enhance their skills to support disabled learners with careers guidance and careers planning. It will also be of value to anyone working with young disabled people in a careers, enterprise and employability context. Series of courses from October 2018 to January 2019


What is neurodiversity? What adjustments by the employer or employee can make a difference? - This webinar is presented by Professor Amanda Kirby who has over 25 years’ experience of working in the field of neurodiversity. She is a GP and has a PhD in developmental disorders. She has written extensively and lectured internationally and founded an run a clinic supporting adults for more than 20 years. 11 May 2018

Top Tips for Careers Advisers Working in Education webinar - This webinar will cover best practice examples and explore ideas for supporting disabled learners to achieve their aspirations. 30 April 2018

Access to Work Workplace Mental Health Support Service Webinar - This webinar gives a review of The Access to Work, Workplace Mental Health Support Service: delivered by: Chris Kingsbury, Partnership Manager, Remploy Limited. 28 March 2018

Into Apprenticeships, Traineeships, and Supported Internships seminar - This free event will be of interest to employers and Human Resources and will include keynote contributions from National Apprenticeship Service, Access to Work, Disability Confident, local government, business representatives, training providers and organisations. 6 February 2018


Disability and my journey into Higher Education webinar - In this webinar one of our I Can Make It Champions, Bethany Young, will talk about some of the barriers she encountered in HE and will share solutions for making education more inclusive. 2pm Wednesday 29 November 2017

Top Tips: Job Coaching webinar - This webinar will cover best practice examples and explore ideas for supporting disabled learners, interns, trainees and apprentices to pursue their aspirations. 28 September 2017, 2pm

Post-16 Education and Skills Pathways event - This event will bring together key speakers and representatives from the Department for Education, National Development Team for Inclusion, Further Education Colleges, service providers, parents and other stakeholders to share best practice and raise awareness of new policies and developments about educational and career options for young people when they reach age 16. 19 October 2017

Making qualifications inclusive to disabled learners webinar 2 - This webinar, provides an overview of the work of Disability Rights UK, the Equality Act and some of the steps education providers and awarding bodies can take to make sure their qualifications are accessible to disabled learners and support all learners to achieve a greater awareness of disability related issues. 25 July 2017 

Making qualifications inclusive to disabled learners webinar - See above. 16 June 2017

Top Tips 2 for inclusive learning webinar - In this webinar, Dr. Melanie Thorley, *AccessAbility Co-ordinator, University of Greenwich talked about inclusive learning, reasonable adjustments and what support is available to students. 6 June 2017

Disability is not contagious, but your attitude might be webinar - In this webinar, Atif Choudhury from Diversity and Ability will talk about embedding inclusive practice in the workplace, the Equality Act 2010 and misconceptions and preconceptions about disability and employment. 25 May 2017

Disability and Skills Unit Apprenticeships Now event - This event shares best practice amongst employers and will explore ways for supporting apprentices living with a range of impairments and health conditions to pursue their goals, ambitions and aspirations and bring greater diversity in the workplace - 23 March 2017

Disability and Skills Unit inclusive practice in careers provision workshop - 21 February 2017


Top Tips for Inclusive Learning webinar - This webinar covered what is inclusive learning? how does the Equality Act 2010 define disability and what are reasonable adjustments? what support is available to students? 11:00 am 22 November 2016

Inclusive Apprenticeships and Skills Development Seminar - This free seminar was intended to broaden understanding of how to overcome barriers to progression into work experience and employment and to raise awareness for making apprenticeships, traineeships and supported internships more accessible for people living with a range of impairments and health conditions. 18 October 2016

Access to Work question and answer session - Disabled People’s Organisations and individuals put questions to senior officers in the DWP responsible for Access to Work. August 2016



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