PIP guide and benefits factsheets updated

Tue,27 April 2021
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The factsheets covering DWP benefits have been updated to cover both the annual benefit uprating and the changing rules that apply to the way that the benefits operate in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our Personal Independence Payment guide has been updated as of 21 April 2021. You can download this for free in word or pdf formats.

Factsheets covering wide-ranging and complex benefits, such as universal credit, are broken down into bite-sized (or smartphone-sized) chunks, each covering a different aspect of the benefit.

So, for example, with universal credit, there is a page that explains how the benefit is worked out. This contains links to pages that cover the various 'amounts' that make up the award of universal credit. One of these pages covers the 'work capability amount', this in turn links to a page that explains the supporting medical evidence that is needed to provide eligibility for this amount. And the page on the supporting medical evidence provides a list of all the new types of evidence, such as isolation notes and shielding notes, that can now be accepted in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The changes to the factsheets were in place on 12 April, the day of the benefit uprating.