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Universal credit work capability amount

A ‘work capability amount’ of £354.28 a month (the higher rate) is included in your award if you have a limited capability for work-related activity. This is determined by a work capability assessment’. 

The work capability amount cannot always be included in your award immediately; a ‘waiting period’ of three months usually applies first of all. This will normally begin when you provide the Department for Work and Pensions with supporting medical evidence. During the waiting period, you should undergo the work capability assessment.

Before 3 April 2017, if you were only found to have a ‘limited capability for work’ at this assessment (and not a limited capability for work-related activity), a lower rate of the work capability amount of £132.89 could be included in your award. The lower rate does not normally apply to new claims for universal credit, but you may continue to receive it if it was included in your award on 3 April 2017.

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