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How much is universal credit?

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Use Entitled To online benefit calculator to see how much you get

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Enter your postcode on the advicelocal website and find an advice centre in your area, who will carry out a full benefit check.

The amount of universal credit you are paid depends on you (and your partner's) circumstances. It is worked out on a monthly basis by comparing what the law says you need - your maximum amount with your actual income/earnings and savings. Your maximum amount is made up of a standard allowance, which depends on your age and whether you are claiming as a single person or jointly and additional amounts for children, childcare costs, providing care, housing costs.

You can get additional universal credit if you have a ‘limited capability for work and work-related activity’. This is determined by a work capability assessment

Usually all payments are made to you but in some circumstances your rent may be paid to your landlord.

If you have difficulty budgeting at the beginning of your claim you can ask for an advance payment, which you will have to repay. You may also be able to get ‘discretionary housing payments’ (DHPs) if your universal credit does not cover all your housing costs. You must claim a DHP from your local authority.

There is a cap on the total amount of benefits, including universal credit, that you can claim.

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