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Disabled Apprentice Network

Disability Rights UK has convened the Disabled Apprentice Network to support the Department for Education to improve the diversity and accessibility of Apprenticeships.

The Network is considering the barriers that some Disabled young people might face, the things that make apprenticeships successful and what employers can do to provide the necessary support. The Network  is discussing these and other issues and working to develop solutions.

A report will be published early next year, during National Apprenticeship Week. A short video is also being produced. 

Young Disabled apprentices have joined the Network to champion improvements to apprenticeships for Disabled people. The Network shares experiences, advises on key issues, suggests solutions and supports the development of practical resources and toolkits. The Network meets monthly for one hour.

If you are a Disabled apprentice or have completed an apprenticeship in the recent past and would like to join the network, then please contact:




Apprenticeship Guide:


Get Ahead Magazine issue 2: