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Disabled Apprentice Network

The Disabled Apprentice Network (DAN) brings together Disabled apprentices and those who have finished their apprenticeship

The Network is a lively and friendly forum for Disabled apprentices, to share their experiences and to offer views and proposals on what could improve apprenticeships for Disabled people.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to get young Disabled people into the workplace. If employers and training providers get the support right, apprentices will be able to get the most out of their placements; and that means they come away from the scheme all the better equipped for their future careers”. Rabia Lemahieu

If you would like to join the Network or find out more, please contact rabia.lemahieu@disabilityrightsuk.org

The Network has produced a report 'Getting It Right for Disabled Apprentices' which highlights a series of ideas for improving support to Disabled apprentices, including being proactive about conversations about impairments and health conditions, and better processes for getting help from the government’s Access to Work scheme.

If you’re a young Disabled person looking to develop your career, or an employer or training provider involved with supporting apprentices, this report will have something of interest for you.

Getting It Right For Disabled Apprentices is available in PDF and Word formats. There is also a video and a summary of the report in Easy Read. For more information about the Disabled Apprentice Network, please contact rabia.lemahieu@disabilityrightsuk.org


Getting It Right For Disabled Apprentices - PDF version

Report summary in Easy Read 

Easy Read report summary

Report Word version

Getting It Right For Disabled Apprentices - Word version


Disabled Apprentice Video

Apprentice profiles

Disabled Apprentice Network Profiles


Apprenticeship Guide (PDF):


Get Ahead Magazine issue 2 (PDF):