The Leadership Academy Programme - Our History

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This archive contains information relating to previous leadership projects that were run by Radar and which have now ceased.

Disability Rights UK was formed through a unification of Disability Alliance, Radar and National Centre for Independent Living on 1 January 2012.


 The Radiate Network

The Radiate network, supported by Disability Rights UK was developed for high-flying, senior and talented professionals with lived experience of disability or health conditions.

Disability Rights UK undertook the first national research investigating disabled people in senior jobs. We found that there was a pool of successful disabled people in senior roles, earning over £80,000. However, non-disabled people were three times as likely to earn over £80,000 and twice as likely to be board level directors.

Out of this research the Radiate network was born, to put people with similar experiences in touch with one another, share career experiences, network for the next career move, influence employment practices on disability – and to give something back to those at the beginning of their career journey.


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