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Mark Parr Leadership Testimonial

The Radar Leadership Programme gave me two things which have been of continuing value to me, the privilege of meeting so many inspiring people, and the attention of a truly inspiring and talented coach.

Many of the attendees on the programme were struggling with health issues, social barriers and workplace discrimination. It was, however, heartening to find so much determination and people with realistic, positive attitudes.

My coach was exceptional. She tailored her help to my experience, and did not make the mistake of setting targets and making the whole process work related. Each session allowed for growth and self-realisation that has led to lasting self confidence. I am left with the belief that I have the ability to achieve my goals and that I have the qualities necessary to do so.

My coach worked with me to find the skills and innate abilities that had been buried for far too long. She set me on a journey to re-discover the strong and determined person that I had been before. I will be eternally grateful for her perception and empathy.

I have taken the role of secretary of my workplace staff forum and created a stronger organisation for my disabled colleagues. Though it has been an up hill struggle, through my coaching and a constant stream of ideas and engagement, we are now in a position to influence policy and practice towards a working environment that values and promotes the interests of people with disabilities.

My self belief was set on a trajectory that continues to ascend. My friends and colleagues look to me to inspire and provide direction. We have a well thought out plan for a future organisation that will continue to work towards the reality of equality in the workplace, instead of merely the picture of one.

I have increasingly gained influence and respect. This autumn I will be standing for the post of Chair. I have plans for an expanded engagement in the coming year. We will be building confidence across the organisation to promote an agenda for change, highlighting the difficult issues that are continually being raised by employees with disabilities.

The programme was, for me, a rare opportunity to break out of the confines of my workplace experience and realise the limitations that society places on people with problems, especially people with disabilities. I met many inspiring, ordinary people who were refusing to stay in the roles that had been constructed for them.

The Radar Leadership Programme was of great value to me. I can see that many of my fellow graduates will go on to achieve things of value to them, their associates and the wider community. Equality can not simply be legislated into existence. It requires determined, capable and inspired people to commit themselves to work, step by step, towards that equality. It requires leaders. Leaders who did not know they were leaders until someone, or something, pointed it out to them. For many of us the Radar Leadership Programme was that thing, and all the people who gave their time and effort were those people.

Thank you Radar