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John Manning Leadership Testimonial

“What will be my legacy?”

Last winter, deep in thought, I was having a private conversation with myself and thinking along the lines, “What will be my legacy?”

With this in mind during my lunch break at work a few days later. I was perusing the Intranet when I noticed Radar was promoting Leadership and Empowerment workshops during Winter and Spring 2010. This immediately alerted me to return to my question, “Could Radar be the vehicle for me to begin my “Legacy Journey?”

By registering and attending the Radar Leadership and Empowerment workshop programmes it has restored my confidence to achieve realistic goals before I became disabled in 2003. By carefully listening to the Workshop Speakers and the one-to-one coaching, it has certainly enhanced my career and personal development. Whereby I am now putting the Leadership and Empowerment programme into practice.

As well as working for the DWP on the DLA/AA operational benefits section. I have become pro-actively involved in working closely with Radar in organising the North West Leadership and Empowerment Conference in Blackpool in February 2011. In addition, Radar have allowed me to represent them in promoting their work to the “Disability Community” within my area. A few months ago my manager allowed me to give a presentation before a  group of other  managers to explain the aims and objectives of Radar.

Also with networking amongst other delegates and conference speakers I have been introduced to the Blackpool Disability Partnership and after my second meeting I was offered the post of Treasurer, which I duly accepted.

Furthermore, as I have an accountancy background I have started my own accountancy practice (although in a part-time capacity) with an office in Blackpool, enlisting the support of an IT expert, a successful Management Consultant who has offered to assist me in developing my business plan and optimise my networking programme, plus a friend who also wants to come on board and is currently studying for his MBA. So I have a professional group of people who are initially prepared to assist me to develop the business and can call upon them for support when required. All this has been achieved since the last Workshop in May 2010. Also by October 2010 I will be making a profit and building my customer base.

My aim for the accountancy business is primarily to register it as a non-profit company so a percentage of the profit will be distributed to various causes. Although I will be seeking professional advice to ensure it is implemented correctly.

Although I have a long way to go in the quest of my “Legacy Journey” at least I have made a start. As one Chinese proverb says, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first mile” and if I had not browsed through the Intranet and saw the Radar Leadership and Empowerment workshop programme, I perhaps would not have started my Journey.