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How much is new style ESA?

New style employment and support allowance

New style employment and support allowance (ESA) is a flat-rate benefit. It is not affected by any savings or other income you have, except for occupational or personal pensions. Unless you are put in the support group, payment of new style ESA is limited to 12 months.

The rates given below apply from 12 April 2021.

For the first 13 weeks of your claim, the ‘assessment phase’, you are paid the basic allowance. This depends on your age:

Assessment phase (per week)                      

Aged under 25 years - £59.20

Aged 25 years and over - £74.70

Once you have undergone the work capability assessment and have been found to have a limited capability for work, you will move onto ‘main phase’ ESA. With this, you will get the basic allowance, plus a ‘support component’ if you are put in the support group

Main phase (per week)

Basic allowance - £74.70

Support component - £39.40

If you get an occupational or personal pension that pays more than £85 a week, your new style ESA will be reduced by half of the amount over this limit.

Benefit cap

New style ESA is included in the list of benefits to which the benefit cap applies. This cap limits the total weekly benefits that can be paid.

The cap will not apply if you have been placed in the support group

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