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Completing the 'capability for work' questionnaire

The capability for work questionnaire is divided up into a number of sections which relate to the activities in the limited capability for work assessment. In each case, you are asked about your ability to complete different tasks related to each activity. You need to consider whether or not you can complete each task safely, to an acceptable standard, as often as you need to and in a reasonable time. The tasks, and the points that you can get for each one, are listed here. Use this when you are completing the questionnaire. Note that the wording in the questionnaire is sometimes different from our wording (in which we use the exact wording of the law).

Each section in the questionnaire has a space to provide more detailed information about the difficulties you face. When filling this in, let them know if your ability to complete each task varies. Make it clear if you cannot complete a task repeatedly, safely or reliably or if it would take you a long time to complete it. Let them know about any pain, tiredness or discomfort you would feel completing each task.

The Disability Rights Handbook gives more detailed advice on completing the questionnaire.

The time limit for completing and returning the questionnaire is four weeks. Before you return the questionnaire, make a copy of it for future reference.

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