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WCA limited capability for work assessment

Work capability assessment

The first part of the work capability assessment finds out if you have a ‘limited capability for work’.

For universal credit, if you have a limited capability for work, restrictions can be applied to the work-related responsibilities you must meet to keep getting the benefit in full.

For employment and support allowance, if you have a limited capability for work, you can stay on the benefit.

In each case, a points system is used to see how well you can carry out a range of activities, both physical and ‘mental, cognitive and intellectual’.  

Each activity is divided into different ‘descriptors, which explain related tasks of varying degrees of difficulty. These have scores, ranging from 0 to 15 points. You score points when you are not able to perform a task described safely, to an acceptable standard, as often as you need to and in a reasonable time. You add together the highest score from each activity that applies to you.

For a list of the descriptors and the points that you get from each, see here.

If you score 15 points, you qualify as having a limited capability for work. If you fail to score 15 points, you can challenge the decision.

You will be automatically treated as having a limited capability for work in some circumstances.

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