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Universal credit interviews

Once you have claimed universal credit, you will be asked to take part in an interview with a DWP adviser called a 'work coach'. These normally take place at your local Jobcentre Plus office.  

You will need to book the interview within a week, otherwise your claim may fail.

The interview is to confirm the information that you have already provided online or over the phone, to discuss your work prospects and the support you need. A claimant commitment will be drawn up.

You will normally need to provide supporting documents at the interview (eg your passport or driving licence, to prove your identity).

If you are unfit for work, you will also need to provide a self-certificate (for the first seven days) or supporting medical evidence.

You will be given a 16-digit personal security number after the interview. Keep a record of this, as you will need it if you have to create a new password.

The outcome of the interview will be recorded in your online journal.

If you are required to search for work as part of the claimant commitment, you will need to take part in further interviews: ‘work search reviews’. These are to check your progress and to ensure that you are meeting the requirements set by your claimant commitment.

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