Campaigner fights for accessible rail stations

Mon,17 October 2022
News Transport
Nathaniel Yates from Greater Manchester has made it his mission to highlight the inaccessibility of many of the old stations in and around Manchester, Liverpool and beyond which were built in Victorian times. Many stations are difficult to access. This is particularly true of the many unmanned stations in the Northwest. Up to 70% of stations in the ‘Northern’ franchise area are unmanned.

We at Disability Rights UK support Nathaniel’s aims and challenges and admire the work he is doing. You can learn more about Nathaniel's campaigns by visiting his twitter page.

In a recent meeting with Stephen Brookes, DR UK rail Policy Adviser, Nathaniel said:

"I believe in equality for all. I think all train stations should be fully accessible for people with disabilities; every station in the country should be equipped with a ramp or a lift. I am very passionate regarding transport being a level playing field for all and everybody should have the right to use public transport no matter who you are and no matter what your impairment.

Everybody should be given the same opportunities, and this is why I have chosen to campaign to try to make the 96 train stations in Greater Manchester accessible for all people with disabilities."