Getting It Right For Disabled Apprentices report launched

Sun,6 February 2022
News Education

What is it like being a Disabled apprentice? Our new report Getting It Right For Disabled Apprentices gives some insight into the answer.

Published by the Disabled Apprentice Network as part of National Apprenticeship Week and funded by the Department for Education, the report explores the experiences of Disabled apprentices from their point of view, examines the barriers they face and the best way for employers and training providers to support them and get the most out of the scheme.

The report was written by Rabia Lemahieu, Disability and Skills Manager at Disability Rights UK. She said: “Apprenticeships are a great way to get young Disabled people into the work place. If employers and training providers get the support right, apprentices will be able to get the most out of their placements; and that means they come away from the scheme all the better equipped for their future careers”.

The report highlights a series of ideas of improving support to Disabled apprentices, including being proactive about conversations about impairments and health conditions; and better processes for getting help from the government’s Access to Work scheme.

If you’re a young Disabled person looking to develop your career, or an employer or training provider involved with supporting apprentices, this report will have something of interest for you.

Getting It Right For Disabled Apprentices is available as a PDF document, a Word document. There is also a summary of the report in Easy Read.

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