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All PIP claimants to be offered apply online option

30 November 2021

The number of claimants able to be offered the option of completing their PIP claim online is  currently around 500 per day.

They are sent an email containing the link to its online version of the PIP2 claim form (HTML PIP2).

In an email to its stakeholder organisations, the DWP has announced, that from 30 November 2021, its outsource telephony contractors SERCO will begin ;upskilling’ all New Claims Agents to offer the e-mail service.

Upskilling is set to be completed within a week and by 6 December the email service will be offered to all customers who make a claim in their own right.

However, appointees will still not be eligible to access the HTML PIP2 service.

The DWP estimates that around 1,000 claimants per day will take up the claim online offer. 

A sample copy of the HTML PIP2 is not yet available.

A sample copy of the paper version of the PIP2 is available here.

The initial PIP1 claim form that asks basic information will still be completed over the telephone by ringing the PIP Helpline on 0800 121 4433.

More information about PIP can be found in our PIP Guide.