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Tilly gets 3d printed Alita battle arms

02 April 2019

Open Bionics are the manufacturers of affordable, assistive devices aimed to enhance the human body.

Read more about Tilly's 3d arms

Tilly lost both her hands from meningitis B when she was 15 months old.

Open Bionics have worked with 20th Century Fox and the Alita team to build bespoke 3d printed Hero Arms for Tilly, inspired by Alita: Battle Angel – a futuristic action film where cyborgs are given bionic limbs.

Disability Rights UK, the University of Salford, and the University of Dundee worked together to explore the possibilities of digital fabrication/3d printing via our In the Making project. This sought to involve disabled people in developing commercial, social and creative benefits from new digital fabrication technology.