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In the Making Project

This Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project aims to make disabled people pioneers in a new industrial revolution

Disability Rights UK, the University of Salford, and the University of Dundee are working together to explore the possibilities of digital fabrication. The project is titled 'In the Making', and involves disabled people in developing commercial, social and creative benefits from new digital fabrication technology.

Our In the Making team

Dr Ursula Hurley
Senior Lecturer, University of Salford

Philip Connolly
Disability Rights UK

Dr Nick Taylor
Lecturer and Dundee Fellow, University of Dundee
n.x.taylor@dundee.ac.uk • www.nick-taylor.co.uk

Find out more

See our In the Making website - www.inthemaking.org.uk/

Includes news and project resources.

'In the Making' Partner organisations