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I Can Make It works to create up to 30 jobs a year for disabled people

24 January 2018

West Midlands Combined Authority commits to ringfencing 20-30 job opportunities each year for people with disabilities and health conditions.

I Can Make Its efforts to create new job opportunities for people with disabilities have been buoyed by some exciting news.

Last year, Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street announced that the West Midlands Combined Authority (WCMA) would commit to ring fencing a specific amount of job opportunities for people with disabilities using social value as the driver.

We can now confirm that WMCA have committed to ringfencing 20-30 jobs for people with disabilities each year.

I Can Make It looks forward to assisting the combined authority in achieving, and exceeding this goal.

We would of course encourage other combined authorities to follow the WMCA’s lead in taking this critical step to reduce the employment gap between disabled people and their non-disabled counterparts.  

To this end please contact Leo Capella, the project coordinator for the campaign at leo.capella@disabilityrightsuk.org so we can start working with you.  

I Can Make It and Disability Rights UK