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I Can Make It

“I Can Make It” is a three year campaign led by Disability Rights UK.  Its aim is to create new job opportunities for young disabled people using the Social Value Act as its main driver.  

Why do we need the campaign?

I Can Make It was created because of the need to increase employment opportunities for disabled young people. If you have a disability or existing long term health condition and are aged 18-24 then you’re more than twice as likely to be not in education, employment or training as your non-disabled peers, something which is unacceptable.

What’s it all about?


We aim to influence existing spending in local government and large businesses. The campaign is led by young disabled people with the support of Disability Rights UK.

If you have a disability, are aged 18-29 and living in and around any of our target cities then we would love to hear from you

If you work in local government procurement or are a service provider we would be very keen to speak with you

Support for 'I Can Make It'

Download our supporters infographic