Congratulations to Leo Capella comedy king

Tue,21 November 2017
News Participation

Leo Capella, I Can Make It, project coordinator, took part in his first ever stand-up comedy gig on Tuesday 21 November at the Nell of Old Drury, Covent Garden and raised money for Disability Rights UK.

 Leo stands up for what he believes in

Leo says:

“clever projects led by disabled people need money...

...aside from being my work place DR UK does a lot of clever projects that helps disabled people be part of the community on our own terms.

For instance, a brother project at work DRILL has been providing grants for lead research lead by disabled people into independent living. 

I could go on but the short story is that all of my colleagues are doing a lot of clever work in different ways that deserves cash to continue.”

We at Disability Rights UK know that Leo is being modest and from the success of his own project we always knew that He Can Make It as a stand up.

Leo has raised £270 so far and you can still donate to his JustGiving page

He plans to do more comedy gigs but we don't want to lose him to the bright lights just yet, not while I Can Make It is doing so well.

Well done Leo!!!