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Govt response: Better working with disabled people

16 January 2014

In July 2013 the ODI published the consultation 'Better working with disabled people'. The Government has now published it’s response to the consultation.

Better working with disabled people provided an opportunity for a discussion of what would be the most effective way for government to engage with disabled people and raised the question of the future of of Equality 2025 which now has fewer members than when it was launched 7 years ago. You can view Disability Rights UK's response to the consultation here. The consultation was part of the Fulfilling potential strategy.

The Government response proposes a new Strategic engagement forum, run by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), in collaboration with the Department of Health (DH). It is intended that it will:

  • Meet on a quarterly basis, to engage in themed discussions on strategic priorities and direction, based on improving the key outcomes identified by disabled people and as set out in ‘Fulfilling Potential: Making it Happen’. The first meeting is proposed for April 2014;

  • Be chaired by the Minister of State for Disabled People and the Minister of State for Care and Support;

  • Identify specific issues for in-depth policy analysis, to be passed to experts from the Fulfilling Potential Policy Advice Service, for “Policy Lab” treatment (which consists of a short presentation on the topic or issue, followed by group discussions about policies to deal with the issue);

  • Identify items for practical delivery to pass on to the Disability Action Alliance (DAA) or delivery organisations;

  • Refer ideas on strategy relevant to existing Government groups, such as the Paralympic Legacy Advisory Group (PLAG), the Disabled Persons’ Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC), or the eAccessibility Forum, to those organisations, to complement their work and avoid duplication.

Unlike existing Government forums, the Fulfilling Potential Forum will be disability-specific, having members from a very wide range of disability organisations, including smaller organisations and regional Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations.

You can view the original consultation and the Government’s response at http://odi.dwp.gov.uk/fulfilling-potential/index.php