Better working with disabled people consultation

Mon,15 July 2013

Government announces consultation on getting advice from and engaging with disabled people

In its response to the review of Equality 2025, the body of publicly appointed disabled people that has been providing strategic and confidential advice to government since 2006, the Government have launched a consultation about how it should get advice from, and engage with disabled people.

We are pleased to see that the valuable work of Equality 2025 is recognised.  Just in the last year it has provided advice on 47 policy areas across government departments.  We are also pleased that there is recognition of a continuing need for strategic and confidential advice to government from disabled people4 on policy issues.

In recent times there has been uncertainty about the future of Equality 2025 which now has fewer members than when it was launched 7 years ago.  The consultation provides an opportunity for a discussion of what would be the most effective way for government to engage with disabled people.

In welcoming the consultation Liz Sayce, CEO of Disability Rights UK said:

“It is essential that government engages with the full spectrum of disabled people including those groups who are seldom heard.  It is to organisations led and controlled by disabled people who know the real lived experience of disabled people and who know what works on the ground for advice on policy and strategy.  We at Disability Rights UK will be asking our members for their views which will inform the response we give to this consultation.”

You can view the consultation at The consultation is now closed.

You can view our response to the consultation here.