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Motability car adaptations

The Motability Scheme

There is a range of free car adaptations available including steering wheel knobs, hand controls for brakes and accelerators and wheelchair hoists. It is important to choose a car suitable for the adaptations you require so check with a Motability accredited specialist before ordering your car.

The cost of adaptations, plus fitting and removal, may not be included in your lease. You will have to pay for these yourself.

You may have to pay more if you need a larger car due to your circumstances or your disability needs. If so, you will be asked to make an additional up-front payment known as an Advance Payment to cover the additional costs over a more basic model.

If you cannot afford the car or the adaptations, Motability may be able to provide help towards the cost of the least expensive solution that would meet your mobility needs.

A Motability accredited specialist must carry out adaptations fitted to a Motability car. Your Motability supplier and their insurers need to be informed before you go ahead with the fittings.

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