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Doing Careers Differently

This guide will be helpful not only for people who are just starting out, but also for those rethinking their career or who want some inspiration and ideas to make the most of their working lives

Doing Careers Differently, demonstrates that disability does not mean a career dead end.  It contains inspiring personal stories from disabled models and actors, media professionals, senior managers and entrepreneurs, showing that it is possible to rise up the career ladder, make work meaningful and earn a decent wage.

The challenges posed by my disability mean colleagues see me as adaptable and resourceful.”

"Most people with disabilities have extra coping skills... Sell those.  It sets you apart from the herd."

In difficult economic times, it’s even more important to have the edge which means the smartest employers are even more interested in having a diverse workforce.”  Helen Chipchase, Head of Disability Policy, BT Group

‘Doing Careers Differently’ covers: education, training, mentoring, personal development, internships, interviews, networking and what to do about disclosing a disability to an employer. The guide outlines equality legislation around employment, but also explains how to deal with difficult situations and difficult people day to day, without having to resort to the law. It also signposts you to useful websites, schemes and people to contact. 

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