Future changes which may affect you

This is a rolling timetable of expected changes to the benefits, tax credits and social care system

From April 2019

  •  A Young Scot National Entitlement Card giving non-cash benefits to young carers aged 11-18 in Scotland will be rolled out from April 2019. See Scottish Government press release

  • Class 2 National Insurance Contributions (NICs) will be abolished. The Government will reform Class 4 NICs as a route to self-employed individuals building entitlement to the State Pension and other contributory benefits. See the government response to the consultation on abolishing class 2 contributions

  • The amount that households with children, and disabled people can earn before their Universal Credit award begins to be withdrawn – the Work Allowance – will be increased by £1,000. See Budget 2018 summary

  • From 1 April you can't be imprisoned for non-payment of council tax in Wales. You can still be put in jail in England. See SI 2019/220 (W.50)

From May 2019

  • From 15 May 2019, couples making a new claim, where one is over the pension credit qualifying age, will have to claim universal credit instead of pension credit until the younger partner also reaches pension credit qualifying age. See our pension credit factsheet and guidance A3/2019

From September 2019 (NB 30th August)

From October 2019

  • Reduction in the maximum rate at which deductions can be made from a Universal Credit advance award from 40% to 30% of the standard allowance. See Budget 2018 summary

From autumn 2019

  • Young Carer Grant, worth £300 a year, to be awarded to young carers in Scotland who are aged 16 to 18, do at least 16 hours of caring a week and who are still at school. See Scottish Government press release

From April 2020

  • Free bus travel for those on Young Carer Grant (see autumn 2019 changes) starting 2020-2021. See Scottish Government press release

  • Two weeks parental bereavement leave and pay for employees who suffer the death of a child under 18, or a stillbirth after 24 weeks of pregnancy. See Budget 2018 summary

From July 2020

  • Extension of a fortnight’s worth of support for Housing Benefit claimants during their transition to Universal Credit to cover income-related elements of Jobseeker’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance, and Income Support. See Budget 2018 summary

From October 2020

From October 2021

  • Increase to the period over which Universal Credit advance award will be recovered, from 12 to 16 months. See Budget 2018 summary

From November 2021

From April 2026

From April 2028

From April 2037

From 2039