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Pension credit and universal credit

Pension credit

If you are claiming as a couple and only one of you is over pension credit qualifying age (a ‘mixed-age couple’), you can choose to claim either pension credit or universal credit.

From 15 May 2019, couples making a new claim, where one is over the pension credit qualifying age, will have to claim universal credit instead of pension credit until the younger partner also reaches pension credit qualifying age.

There will be no work-conditionality rules for the claimant who is over pension credit qualifying age. 

If you have already claimed and have an existing award, your pension credit is not affected by the mixed-age couples rule. You will stay on pension credit.

Housing benefit and child tax credit are going to be replaced by universal credit.

The government has said that support for pensioners who rent will continue to be provided through housing benefit until at least the end of this Parliament.

Pension credit is to be paid for any dependent children or young person as part of your pension credit from 1st February 2019.

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