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Housing grants in Scotland

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In Scotland, under The Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, local authorities are allowed to provide grants, loans, subsidised loans, practical assistance and information or advice to home owners for repairs, improvements, adaptations and the buying or selling of a house.

If you are a home owner, you can get a grant for:

  • structural adaptations to a house which are essential to a disabled person's needs; or

  • providing standard amenities intended to meet the needs of a disabled person - such as a fixed bath or shower, wash-hand basin or sink or a toilet.

The grant will be 100% of approved costs if you or a member of your household get universal credit, income support, income-based jobseeker's allowance, the guarantee credit of pension credit or income-related employment and support allowance. In other cases, the minimum grant will be 80%.

If you are a tenant, you can only get a grant or loan for one of the following:

  • for work which has been your responsibility under your tenancy for a period of two years before your application;

  • for adaptations to a disabled person's house to make it suitable for their accommodation, welfare or employment, or for the reinstatement of any house adapted; or

  • for work which is required as a matter of urgency for the health, safety or security of the occupants of a house, including, in particular, work to repair it or provide means of escape from fire or other fire precautions.

For more information, contact your local authority. Guidance for local authorities is provided in Guidance on the provision of equipment and adaptations.

See also Help with adaptations to your home: A guide for disabled people in private housing in Scotland and Funding adaptations to the home: A guide for private tenants

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