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What makes our programme so different?

We often get asked what makes our programme different to others.

LAP is different because;

  • Employees have the benefit of learning away from their place of work, which gives a reflective edge to the programme.

  • Employees are able to speak about any difficulties, challenges etc, in a safe and confidential setting.

  • Employees gain knowledge from delegates and mentors from different sectors, which can help with perspective.

  • Employees have an ongoing network/alumni to continue to glean information and establish long term relationships with others outside of their place of work.

  • Learning outside of their place of work means that delegates experience new ways of working, improved approaches to their current work, and develop good practice which they can bring back to work and add value to their organisation.

  • Whilst other training programmes may not preclude employees with disabilities from taking part, this programme offers a high focus on the differences and opportunities that disability and health conditions bring. It establishes realistic and tried methods of addressing concerns, fears and reservations, enhances current skills and how to approach and overcome obstacles and identifies ways in which they can improve and have growth, as new leaders in their place of work.

  • This programme is a great way for companies to complement and add value to existing work on diversity and to ensure that they have disability very much addressed as a part of their good practice.

To find out more, please contact Katrina Morris via katrina.morris@disabilityrightsuk.org or 0203 687 0778.

Disability Rights UK can also tailor the Leadership Academy to create a bespoke programme for a specific group of staff within the same employer. Again, please contact us via the details above if this is of interest to you.