Disability hate crime links

action on elder abuse
This charity works in UK and Ireland to protect and prevent the abuse of vulnerable older adults. They provide information and help to people who were abused or at risk of abusing.

Has information on doxxing (also written as “doxing”) which is an online threat that involves researching the details of people’s lives. The purpose of this practice is either to expose that person to legal prosecution, to embarrass the victim, to draw criticism towards that person, or to cause them physical harm.

disability hate crime network
The network aims to be interactive and inclusive of everyone involved in matters of hate crime including police, CPS and academics so that a wider understanding of disability would be available.

enil hate crime guidance
ENIL (European Network on Independent Living) have produced a Hate Crime Guide which references research and statistics into this area and is based on the information publicly available from Governmental, Inter-Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, such as the OSCE-ODIHR, Disability Rights UK.

self evident app
The Self Evident App is a convenient, effective and free way for the public to engage with the police and help reduce crime.

stop hate uk
This charity provides independent and confidential support to people affected by Hate Crime. They provide confidential Hate Crime reporting services in various areas of the UK.

true vision
True Vision provides information about hate crime or incidents and how to report it. Their website includes an online reporting form and ways victims can get help and support.

victim support
This national charity gives free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family and friends. They speak out for victims and witnesses and campaign for change. They have offices throughout England and Wales and run the Witness Service in every criminal court.

Guide UK Equality & Rights