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The Disability and Skills Unit is dedicated to supporting disabled people to pursue their goals, ambitions and aspirations for work, education and skills development.

Resources from Inclusive Practice Training for careers and enterprise advisers 

Recommended job vacancy site where employers are committed to looking beyond people’s disabilities to identify what skills they have to offer. 


2020/21 Webinar Presentations


Vision Impairment: The Journey to Adulthood


Other resources

Jargon Buster


Skills Builder

Skills Builder Toolkit

DR UK briefing on government initiatives to increase apprenticeships for disabled people - 22 May 2018

Careers Guidance And Advice For Disabled Young People – Briefing - November 2017

Work related factsheets and guides - This resource includes information on work, education and benefits, Access to Work and apprenticeships.

Inclusive Practice in the Workplace - Adam Hyland and Atif Choudhury from DnA - 23 March 2017

Supporting apprentices with learning difficulties and disabilities  - Liz Davies and Lauren Bennett, Learning and Work Institute - 23 March 2017

Able to Enable Supported Mental Health Internship Programme - Sarah Riches, Barclays - 23 March 2017

Employing disabled people –Why and How - Graham Whippy - 23 March 2017
Inclusive apprenticeships - Liz Sayce of Disability Rights UK - 23 March 2017

DR UK contributes to Barclays disability and careers toolkit - Disability Rights UK and Barclays working in partnership to increase awareness around Disability & Early Careers employment. 2 December 2016

Tony Stevens - about DR UK - 18 October 2016

David Hill - Equalities in Apprenticeships: The Department of Employment's Approach - 18 October 2016

Stuart Edwards - DWP presentation on Access to Work - 18 October 2016

Claire Hodgkins of Remploy on supporting apprentices - 18 October 2016

Rundip Thind from DR UK on apprenticeship issues raised by disabled people - 18 October 2016

Dr Nasser Siabi Chief Executive Microlinkpc on transitions into the workplace - 18 October 2016

Into Apprenticeships 

Adjustments for disabled students

Applying for Disabled Students Allowances

Right to Participate project

What counts as disability?

Disability Rights UK's Disability and Skills Unit