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Pension credit additional amount for severe disability

Pension credit

To be entitled to this, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • you must be getting a qualifying benefit (see below);

  • you must live alone (there are exceptions to this rule, eg if you just live with your partner and they also get a qualifying benefit); and

  • no one gets carer's allowance for looking after you.

The following are ‘qualifying benefits’:

  • the care component of disability living allowance at the middle or highest rate;

  • attendance allowance;

  • constant attendance allowance (paid with the Industrial Injuries or War Pensions schemes);

  • the daily living component of personal independence payment or adult disability payment; or

  • armed forces independence payment.

The rate for a single person (or couple, if just one partner qualifies) is £69.40. The couple rate, if both qualify, is £138.80.

If your partner is certified as severely sight impaired or blind by a consultant ophthalmologist (or has ceased to be so certified in the past 28 weeks), you can still qualify for the premium even if they do not get a qualifying benefit. You are treated as if you were a single person living alone.

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