Your Chance to Influence the Accessibility Standards for Railway Stations

Tue,31 October 2023
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'As we know, there are over 14 million people in the UK who identify as having a disability, but inaccessible transport is often a major barrier for us to engage with day to day activities.' - Stephen Brookes, DRUK Rail policy adviser

As part of a plan to install, renew or replace rail station infrastructure, opportunities to improve accessibility there is a consultation which aims to travel with confidence. There is something fundamentally unfair when a Disabled passenger is unable to access their local station due to a lack of access so all part rail industry want to reduce instances where due to a lack of lifts or ramps, a passenger has to travel beyond their local station to travel back again in order to reach the correct, accessible platform.

There are also cultural, behavioural and societal issues that need addressing so a consultation will seek to understand the impact of existing accessibility standards, determine what more needs to be done to improve rail accessibility for all users on mainline railway stations across Britain and reducing the ambiguity for those in the industry working on station infrastructure improvements.

Ensure that your thoughts are heard! Take part in the consultation on the government website - it ends on December 1st