Transpennine Express is celebrating its first ever Week of Inclusion

Fri,26 January 2024
News Transport

At a time when we are trying to improve access to rail travel for Disabled people it is refreshing to report on some real positive steps to ensure recognition of the needs of the many who are neurodivergent. 

Transpennine Express is celebrating its first ever ‘TPE Week of Inclusion’ and is keen to recognise the importance of neurodiversity representation in the workplace.

In the UK, one in seven people are neurodivergent, meaning that 15 per cent of Britain’s population is part of this group. Neurodivergent means that a person’s brain may function, process and learn information in a different way from someone who is “neurotypical”.

Working with TPE’s Diversity and Inclusion team the company have set up a dedicated group of people who either fall under the neurodiversity umbrella or are enthusiastic about supporting those who do. TPE’s Neurodiversity Network Group has ten founding members, who are labelled as having ADHD, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and dyslexia. The group will share their experiences living with neurodiversity, encourage other colleagues to join, raise awareness for adjustments that can be made for colleagues and future applicants, and help guide TPE on how to be a more inclusive employer.

Disability Rights UK policy adviser on transport Stephen Brookes welcomes this move – ‘Rail companies need to ensure all colleagues and customers who fall under the neurodiversity umbrella feel welcomed to and supported onboard trains, in stations, and at work, and this can make it clear that whatever the disability or condition people are recognised as passengers or employees equally with all other rail users or workers.’