Sharing Information on Disability: Report Launched by DR UK

Wed,17 April 2024
News Employment
Today, April 17th 2024, we are launching our Sharing Information on Disability report, brought together by our Advice Services Manager, Rundip Thind. This report presents findings from a survey conducted in March and April 2023, designed to better understand the experiences of Disabled students, trainees and employees in respect of sharing information on disabilities and exploring what could make sharing such information easier.

As Fazilet Hadi, our Head of Policy, said, 'Whether we as Disabled people decide to share information on our impairments or health conditions or not, we should always be utterly confident that our disability won’t be viewed as negative and more than that, will be viewed as positive and enriching, bringing diversity of thought and experience into the education or employment setting.

What needs to change to enable Disabled people to feel confident about sharing information on our impairments and health conditions?

What do education and training providers and employers need to do differently to demonstrate that they will treat us with equality and value our contribution?

The following report helps us to answer these questions.'

You can download the PDF or Word version of the report down below.

Sharing Information on Disability Report - PDF

Sharing Information on Disability Report - Word Document Version