Report Into Public Attitudes to Inequalities Launched

Wed,31 January 2024
News Equality & Rights
Today, January 31st, Fairness Foundation have released their report entitled 'Unequal Kingdom 2024: Public Attitudes to Inequalities and their Impacts.' The poll looks into the different forms of inequality people in Britain are most worried about and the impact they believe inequalities have on different social and governmental areas.

Key Findings:

  • 75% of people are worried about wealth and income inequalities, closely followed by health and educational inequalities; 62% also worry about social and political inequalities.
  • Looking at inequalities between groups, people are most concerned about class, disability and ethnicity, as well as region.
  • Most think inequality has a negative impact on crime, health, self-esteem, and fair opportunities and rewards, but fewer are aware of the impacts on economy, society and democracy.
  • There is a broad consensus of concern about inequality; levels of concern are particularly high among Labour voters, women, and working-class people.

Fairness Foundation stated: 

'The findings are broadly in line with the results from other recent attitudinal research in the UK, which consistently shows that people are concerned about economic and regional inequalities. However, this research suggests that many people are increasingly worried about inequalities of class, disability and ethnicity as well. Other inequalities - of health, education, political influence, and status and respect - are also increasingly noticeable.

While there are political differences in attitudes and awareness, there is a broad consensus of concern, including across generational divides, although women and those on higher incomes are more worried than men and those on lower incomes.'

You can read the full findings and breakdown on the Unequal Kingdom webpage.