NPC in partnership with DR UK set out election climate change recommendations

Mon,10 June 2024
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In the lead up to the 2024 General Election on 4 July, approaches to climate change are a key political issue.

Disability Rights UK has been active in the climate change sphere for three years now, working with New Philanthropy Capital on the Disabled and older people strands of the Everyones Environment programme.

This Programme is a collaboration amongst over 60 social and environmental charities, to accelerate action on the social impacts of the environmental crises. The crises do not affect people in the same way; some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people are worst affected by our changing environment and related policies. Charities and funders have a critical role to play in supporting and empowering different groups within society to shape the solutions.

Last week NPC sent a new report to all political parties, setting out recommendations that would make new and ongoing environmental policies fairer. The letter was endorsed by 33 charities, including Disability Rights UK.

The policy ideas and recommendations came from focus groups and surveys of over 800 Disabled people, older people, young people, and people from ethnic minorities – supported by charities working with specific groups, all of which remain concerned that marginalised voices continue to be left out of green policies.

Amongst the many recommendations to an incoming government are:

  • Meaningful involvement from diverse groups in every stage of environmental processes, ensuring marginalised groups are represented in policymaking.
  • A commitment to ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits and costs of environmental policies, including subsidising the costs of environmental policies for disadvantaged groups.
  • Accessible government information, including on health advice, climate impacts, emergency planning, funding, and actions that individuals can take.
  • The need to improve public transport accessibility, making active travel more accessible to marginalised groups, and ensuring equitable access to zero-emission vehicles. 

Dan white, a DR UK policy officer on climate change said “It is astounding that the main parties aren’t leading on climate change as a major policy issue in this election. Disabled people and other marginalised communities are, and will be, the hardest hit by the changing environment.”

“Everyone should be able to share in the benefits of green policy, from lower energy bills to better health, and the silence from major parties is baffling. Climate change continues to impact our lives, whilst political parties ignore the issue, rather than engaging us in shaping solutions and planning for the imminent future.”

“It is vital that the new Government pays attention to the NPC recommendations and begins a new era of involving Disabled people and others in climate change discussions. Climate change isn’t standing still, and the new UK Government mustn’t exclude marginalised groups from the development of new environmental solutions.”

Read Disability Rights UK climate policy on our website.

Read the NPC policy on their website.

DPOs call for better access to the environment for Disabled people in the Disabled peoples manifesto.