New research shows huge rise in extra costs for Disabled households

Wed,3 May 2023
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Scope research has found that Disabled households face an average extra cost of £975 per month. These extra costs are the additional amount of money a Disabled household would need to have the same standard of living as a non-disabled household.

Scope last published figures for the extra costs of disability in 2019, when the average extra cost was £583 a month. Since then, more Disabled households have fallen into poverty.

Noting why the extra costs of living with a disability are still so high, Scope found several important factors that include a stall in income and benefits, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the growing gap in poverty rates of Disabled households versus non-disabled, and the impact of inflation on Disabled household budgets.

The report also notes that if this £975 figure was updated to account for inflation over the current period 2022/2023, these extra costs would rise to £1,122 per month. These figures show how disability benefit payments like Personal Independence Payment (PIP), are failing to keep pace with extra costs.

Scope “Will now monitor and routinely report on the extra cost of disability.

As Disabled households’ extra costs have dramatically increased since 2016/17, it is vital that the Government targets support for extra costs to those who most need it. By meeting the extra costs associated with disability, the Government can create a fairer, more equal society.

Tackling the extra cost of disability must be seen as a political priority, so that every Disabled person can participate in society and reach their potential. “

Dan white policy and campaigns officer at DR UK and one of the leads at the Disability Poverty Campaign Group said: “The disparity of income and expenditure between Disabled and non-Disabled households, in any normal caring economy, would have triggered a national debate and swift government intervention, sadly neither is currently happening.

The evidence that Disabled households stand on the brink of financial annihilation is beyond any doubt and government must wake up before there is a human catastrophe on their doorstep.

Extra cost benefits should be increased in line with the growing additional expenses that we as Disabled people face. A social tariff for energy costs should also be introduced for people on benefits and low incomes.”

The full report from Scope can be read here.