MPs launch inquiry asking if working-age benefit levels in the UK are adequate to meet need

Wed,12 April 2023
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In its July 2022 Report, The cost of Living, the Work and Pensions Committee of MPs heard evidence that suggested that a root cause of the financial challenges households faced “lay in the fundamental inadequacy of social security support”.

The MPs, therefore, recommended that the Government should “review the adequacy of benefit levels and publish its findings”.

However, the Government responded that it did not intend to review the adequacy of benefit levels, because “there was no objective way of deciding what an adequate level of benefits should be”.

As a result, the Committee has launched its own inquiry.

It said: “Given the high costs facing households across the UK, we are launching an inquiry into the adequacy of benefit levels in the UK, to help inform current and future Government thinking. We will also look at the relationship between social security and the labour market.

“This inquiry will be focussing specifically on working-age benefits; however, other types of benefits might arise.”

The detailed call for evidence to the inquiry is available here.

The deadline for submissions to the inquiry is Wednesday 3 May 2023.

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