Meet Charlie, Our London Marathon Superstar!

Wed,13 March 2024
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Disability Rights UK is lucky enough to have a few keen and amazing people running the London Marathon this year to fundraise for us! We spoke to Charlie Brady, one of these fundraising stars, to learn more about him, how his marathon training is going and why he's passionate about equality for all.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Charlie, I’m 27 years young. I’m from Middlesbrough but am currently working and based in Bristol as a Commissioning Engineer. I have always been active and love football - I've played football since the age of around 5 competitively and more recently at a semiprofessional level. I’m currently a season ticket holder at Middlesbrough Football Club and really enjoy going to match days and socialising with my mates. I also do enjoy running and going to the gym!

Have you ran a marathon before? What is your planned training in the lead up to the event?

No I have never ran a marathon before. I recently attempted a half marathon whilst training and seemed to manage okay. My training has been going on for around 12 weeks thus far and I’m averaging around 30 miles running per week. I’m now going to attempt my longest run yet (18 miles) next week and will see how it goes. I feel so much fitter from completing my training and am counting down the days till the marathon. I've set a target time of under 3 hours 45 and really want to achieve it!

What's your favourite part of marathon training?

I still regularly play football weekly so I have been getting in as much running alongside that aswell. I have split my runs into 4 different types - I currently do 1 easy run, 1 long run, 1 interval session and 1 tempo session per week. I have particularly enjoyed the tempo sessions as there is nothing as rewarding as running fast! But also, I have been grateful for my easy run every week and acting as a recovery session. 

What made you fundraise for Disability Rights UK?

One of my close friends, Mitchel Brady, ran the marathon last year for Disabled Rights (you can read more about how he got on here!). He really inspired me and made me want to attempt a marathon. When I learned more about Disability Rights UK, it connected with me because I have essentially been diagnosed with a disability. I have something called Keratoconus; an eye disease on both eyes. Thankfully, I have had 2 successful operations on both eyes and it is manageable. I’m very lucky I can now wear contact lenses which are permanent and have my vision as I know not everyone has access to the resources to be in this position. I'm an advocate in believing that everyone, no matter about disabilities, should have equal rights. That's why when I had the conversation with Mitchell, I knew I wanted to do the marathon for Disability Rights UK as I know I might have been in a different position with my disability and spreading awareness would really make me feel proud. 

Why are you passionate about the fight for disability rights and equality?

As I mentioned, I have what is also classed as a disability with my eyes and my vision. I am passionate about the fight for Disabled rights and equality because I believe in the fundamental principle that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness, regardless of their abilities or impairments. I believe that by working towards creating a more inclusive society, we not only empower Disabled people to live fulfilling lives but also enrich our communities as a whole.

If you want to show Charlie some support, donate to his fundraiser here!