Labour will guarantee Disabled people moving into work a return to benefits without the need for reassessment

Wed,11 January 2023
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A Labour government would overhaul routes into work for Disabled people, including a guarantee that those who move into work will not have to face benefit re-assessments.

In a 10 January speech at the Centre for Social Justice, the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, said it was “frankly a scandal” that just one in 10 of out-of-work Disabled people or older workers were receiving any support.

He said that: "... when we know there are hundreds of thousands of people currently out of work and economically inactive who may want to participate in employment with the right support, then we owe it to them and their families to give them a fair chance to participate in decent employment.

“So a Labour government will modernise job centres, shift resources and guarantee local innovation in the design and delivery of employment support services, and transform the social security confronting the hindrances to work currently in the system.”

Mr Ashworth added that too often the benefits disincentivises work, making even considering trying to engage in possible employment too much of a risk.

As a result he said Labour “will reform the Work Capability Assessment regime that leaves people trapped out of the workplace, out of the workforce and limits their potential.”

He then added that: “These assessments can be arduous, lengthy and stressful.

“Many people with ill health simply do not want to risk having to go through the whole benefits application and assessment process again if things go wrong.

“Let’s take away that fear and distrust which prevent so many from engaging with employment support and attempting a move into work.

A Labour government would guarantee that people in this position who do move into employment with the help of employment support will be able to return to the benefits they were on without the need for another lengthy assessment process.”

Among other proposals outlined by Mr Ashworth include:

  • Devolving employment support to local authorities to target the best routes into work
  • Tailored extra support for flexible working for those with caring responsibilities or chronic conditions
  • Offers of “in principle” decisions for access-to-work funding for disabled people.

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