DR UK's Upcoming Webinar on Disability and Climate Change

Fri,30 June 2023
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Join Disability Rights UK on Friday the 28th of July from 10.00am to 11:30am as we host a webinar on the subject on disability and climate change, where we invite you to join the discussion, listen to the reports and stories, debate the issue and work towards ensuring Disabled people are not only prepared for a changing environment but are full participants in all solutions and debates.

The environmental crises will not affect all people in the same way; research has shown that the global Disabled community will be the hardest hit as the climate changes. The United Nations has acknowledged that Disabled people are at increased risk of the adverse impacts of climate change – including threats to their health, food security, water, sanitation, and livelihood.

Disabled people are frequently unable to leave their homes and reach safety in the event of evacuation due to environmental catastrophes, leading to the loss of many lives. Higher temperatures are more likely to affect people with disabilities or pre-existing conditions that limit the body’s ability to stay cool. Medications that Disabled people rely on to manage their conditions can also interact negatively with the heat. Environmental illnesses of many kinds are on the rise. Environmental Pollution is a major cause of ill health: creating childhood disability, impairing children’s health, diminishing their capacity to learn, and reducing their life chances.

The UK Government has acknowledged that very little work has explored issues around Disabled people and resilience-building in the context of longer-term climatic and environmental change. This means we are still excluded from conversations that will impact us the hardest.

It is vital that our voices, ideas, and representations are heard and included, as world-wide solutions are developed and implemented.

We hope you will join us. Please follow the zoom link for registration.