DR UK Will Continue Our Campaigning With New Government

Tue,9 July 2024
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Disability Rights UK is the UK’s leading organisation led by, run by, and working for Disabled people. We work with Disabled people’s organisations, to influence all UK Governments to improve the life chances of Disabled people. We look forward to working with the new Government to make the equality and inclusion of the UK’s 16 million Disabled people a reality.

Disabled people’s led organisations have set out a manifesto for change that we urge the new UK Government to adopt. We want to see a transformational plan to tackling the injustices and inequalities faced by Disabled people, coproduced with Disabled people.

Voice and Representation: Disabled people must be involved at all levels of decision making and in the development of all policies affecting our lives. We must be supported to stand for political office, with the costs of reasonable adjustments being met from an Access to Elections Fund. The barriers that prevent us from voting must be removed.

Rights: We must have our international rights to equality under the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People upheld, and effective enforcement of the Equality Act by public and private organisations. We must see an end to forced detention based on disability and a zero tolerance of disability hate crime.

Independence: Those of us who draw on social security must be treated with respect and dignity and our lives equally valued. Social security benefits need to cover our living costs, so we are not forced to use food banks, switch off our energy or go without medication. We must receive public services such as social care and support with education, that enable us to participate and flourish. We must have accessible, safe and affordable housing, that we can call home.

Independence: We must be given the opportunities to live, learn and work, with support in place and all barriers removed. We must have housing, workplaces, streets and transport that are designed around our needs. All policies and infrastructure should be based on inclusive principles.

It is time for change. We need a UK Government, open to collaboration, one that fully engages with Disabled people and that recognises our place within UK society.

Disability Rights UK