DR UK responds to inclusive transport omissions in party manifestos

Wed,19 June 2024
News Transport
Disability Rights UK is disappointed that after considering all of the party manifestos, not one commits in any detail how they will tackle the huge challenges that Disabled people face in using trains, buses and taxis.

Following the election of the new UK Government, we will need to make the case for wholesale improvements across public transport and will write to the next Minster for Transport lining out our clear requirements for the UK’s 14 million disabled people. We, alongside other Disabled Peoples Organisations such as Transport for All, are pressing for consistency in service delivery and fare structures by rail, bus and taxi operators. We will also highlight the serious variability across companies and will press for much needed closer cooperation and communication in the industry to ensure accessible door to door journeys.  We will continue to work with Bususers UK, the ORR, Network Rail, GBRtt, the DfT and various Train and bus operating companies. DR UK has recently been appointed to the Rail Ombudsman's Passenger Advisory Board which aims to simplify the complaints procedure, and so influence the simplification of the delay and compensation process which is currently off putting and confusing.At the same time Disability Rights UK is pleased to work with and endorse the manifesto on access to all aspects of public transport issued by Transport for All. General Election 2024: Making Accessible Transport a Priority - Transport for All. We need to engage with all stakeholders across the industry to avoid increased isolation by halting the current practice of making rail bus and taxi services too expensive and complicated to use.Our involvement in transport, allows us to remind organisations that Disabled people, who are disproportionately poor, need affordable and accessible access to public transport to avoid isolation and exclusion and this includes an urgent review of the application process and conditions of use for the National Bus Pass and the Disabled Persons Railcard. Read about our transport asks in the Disabled peoples manifesto.