DR UK helps launch new briefing on disability and climate change

Wed,21 June 2023
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This week sees the release of a long-awaited briefing around Disability and climate change from the New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) a think tank and consultancy for the social sector.

This briefing is part of the Everyone's environment programme, a collaboration of over 40 countrywide social and environmental charities and funders to empower people from different social groups to have their needs reflected in environmental decision making and policy.

Published by the NPC in collaboration with Disability Rights UK and re-engage, a charity which helps older people to feel value and heard, the briefing reviews the evidence for the impacts of both the climate, nature crises and environmental policy, upon older people and Disabled people.

Focusing on specific risks, impacts, and policies, the 62-page report also suggests what needs to happen next to make sure all the accumulated evidence is used so older and Disabled people have agency to create change in environmental activity and policy.

Following on from the release of this briefing NPC, DR UK and Re-engage, will next week host an online event discussing the research findings.  Individuals, charities, funders, and policymakers are invited to join to find out more about how environmental change and policies will affect the people they serve and to start thinking about what they can do about it. 

Dan White policy and campaigns officer at DR UK said “This briefing shows that without a shadow of a doubt a changing climate will affect Disabled and older people more than anyone else. Peppered with factual content, suggestions, and supportive findings that we found and wrote up, this is an essential piece of work that every environmental and political figure should have atop of their in-tray.

Working with NPC on this ongoing climate project is essential to the work we do on climate change here at DR UK. We hope as it continues and more charities and funders get on board with the messaging and long-overdue discussions, that Disabled and older people will get their moment to represent themselves and their concerns to the big climate players and influencers and make these changes.”

Kamran Mallick, CEO of DR UK said “It is vital that the voices of Disabled people are heard, that we are part of the discussions and planning on the impacts of Climate Change. The impacts are being felt now, around the world and here in the UK. As with so many other issues, we, Disabled people must come together to fight for our survival and rights.

Working together with NPC and Re-engage to highlight the specific risks, impacts, and policies of climate change, it is my hope that others will join us and that those in positions of power and influence will hear us and give us our place at the decision-making table. Nothing About Us Without Us”

To read the full report on climate change, click here.