DR UK calls on train operators to ensure best prices for Disabled customers

Thu,6 June 2024
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The upcoming election is time to put our aims on the table to promote the importance of access to public transport for the day-to-day life of Disabled people.

Train fares are too expensive, and the service is questionable but DRUK have been advised that train operators are withholding certain advance cheaper fares so we call on the next government to ensure rail operators offer the best prices to customers to ensure Disabled people can get the best deal wherever and however they buy their ticket.

This shock news comes after research found over 50% of rail passengers have no idea that train operators can restrict certain fares, leaving commuters confused about how and where to get the best fares.

Disability Rights UK are calling for the Department for Transport (DfT) to ensure fares are consistent across the network. Among the changes we are calling for includes uncomplicated access to all tickets and fares, information sharing to allow customers to find the best deal, and inclusion of services like compensation and delay repay.  

We insist that the industry ensure a competitive market which is customer focused to help obtain a better rail deal for passengers as we deserve the best fares and accessible service available to us.

Stephen Brookes Rail Policy Adviser says, “A ticket must be easy to obtain with a realistic and decent fare structure which will increase rail travel and win back passengers’ trust.”

He continued by saying “Getting the best fare is the top priority as currently train fares are too complicated to understand. I don’t see any justification for a difference of more than £100 for the same journey on the same line by different companies”.  

Read about our call for better accessible transport in the Disabled peoples manifesto.