DR UK and allies write to Prime Minister about "ongoing assault on Disabled people's rights"

Wed,8 May 2024
News Equality & Rights

A large coalition of Disabled Peoples Organisations, Trade Unions, Anti-racism organisations and Migrant Rights Groups have written to the Prime Minister to condemn the recent onslaught of attacks from the Government on Disabled People's rights, and also refers to the United Nations report that was published on 24th April regarding the UK's violations of the UNCRDP.

In total, 25 organisations have signed the letter, which, in strong terms, condemned the government’s failures, having had nearly eight years to make progress since the UN's last investigation, which found "grave and systemic" violations; the UN's latest report has found that "no significant progress has been made" and "there are also signs of regression". The letter addressed the Government’s complete disregard for international law, contempt for human rights, harmful proposals for welfare reform, the inadequacy of housing and the ongoing crisis across public services.

The full letter is available below.

The signatories are:

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Choices and Rights Disability Coalition, Disabled Peoples Action Group - Bradford and District, Liberty, Disability Positive, Wheels for Wellbeing, William Gomes, Director, The William Gomes Podcast, Reclaim the Agenda, Mental Health Independent Support Team, Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living, Care Rights UK, Face Equality International, Rochdale and District Disability Action Group, Manchester Disabled People's Access Group, Lee Starr-Elliott CWU Disability lead SW region and Deaf DPAC founder, Equity Trade Union, Disability Assist, Legal Action for Women, Global Women Against Deportations, Institute of Race Relations, Civil Society Alliance, Learning Disability England, ROFA, WECIL, Inclusion London, Women's Budget Group, Greater Manchester Law Centre, BRIL, Disability Cornwall, Asian People's Disability Alliance and Real.

Letter to the Prime Minister re. Ongoing Assault on Disabled people's rights