Disabled people take over Vogue

Thu,4 May 2023
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The May edition of Vogue has put Disabled people front and centre, with five distinct covers featuring Selma Blair, Aaron Rose Philip, Ellie Goldstein, Justina Miles, and Sinead Burke who all identify as Disabled.

The magazine features articles by and about 19 Disabled people and their professional endeavours, including creating accessible fashion lines.

Vogue editor Edward Enninful has also gone public on his hidden disabilities – visual and hearing impairments and a blood disorder. He told the BBC’s Martha Kearney: my "tenure here at Vogue has always been about inclusivity and diversity… people forget how hard it is for the disabled community.”

"I felt real pride that people can actually speak up about disabilities and not have to hide it and how it impacts them."

“Diversity, inclusivity - it’s all under the same roof you know,” he said.

“Shining a light on people who have always been othered, or seen as outside of, has always been a mission of ours at Vogue, so this really is a part of that.”