The Disability Poverty Campaign Group ask Labour for coproduction to find workable solutions to end poverty

Tue,9 July 2024
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The Disability poverty campaign group (DPCG) a coalition led by Disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) and including a wide range of disability and anti-poverty organisations, urges the new UK Government, to tackle the deep poverty experienced by millions of Disabled citizens.

Poverty within the disability community continues to worsen and the new UK Government needs to act urgently to support those struggling to afford food, energy, rents, care charges, medication and transport, and to prevent others falling further into poverty.  

The DPCG has been active, alongside other voices, in raising the appalling situation of Disabled people experiencing deep poverty and proposing solutions to end it.

We seek a constructive relationship with the Keir Starmers new Government, so we can work to lift Disabled people out of poverty and provide hope for a better future.

The Labour Party Manifesto spoke of “Championing the rights of Disabled people and the principle of working with us, so that our views and voices would be at the heart of all they do” so let’s make this a reality, one that is long overdue.

Coproduction with Disabled people to find workable solutions, is critical and necessary if we are to tackle the systemic causes of poverty, that millions of Disabled people are experiencing. The DPCG is ready and willing to play its part and will continue to highlight unacceptable levels of poverty and propose solutions. Without Disabled voices and experiences involved in policy and legislation nothing will change.