Check Out The New Rights on Flights Website

Mon,9 October 2023
News Equality & Rights Transport
The Rights on Flights Campaign has a new website, publicising the joint campaign to protect the rights of wheelchair users whilst flying, working for a fully accessible experience where all passengers' rights are protected and respected.

Alongside TV presenter Sophie Morgan, Disability Rights UK has been part of the Rights on Flights Campaign to demand that the Government gives the Civil Aviation Authority more powers to fine airlines and other actors who fail in their obligations to Disabled travellers.

Whether it's assistance not being properly provided, being left alone on aircraft long after landing, or having essential mobility equipment damaged or broken, each Disabled traveller has their own story to tell.

Earlier this year, we encouraged Disabled people and our allies to join us by writing to local MPs to ask them to support our campaign. Sophie Morgan, Marion Fellows MP, travel rights campaigner Josh Wintersgill and DR UK's Anna Morell delivered the letter signed by all the supportive MPs to 10 Downing Street in March.

We are now delighted to announce that Rights on Flights has it's own website, where you can see the latest news and updates from the campaign. Take a look!